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  • Garland's Back on the DC Circuit Bench as a Former SCOTUS Nominee

    By C. Ryan Barber

    Nearly a year after his ill-fated Supreme Court nomination was announced, Merrick Garland returned to a Washington federal appeals bench Wednesday without any public fanfare—no ceremonial welcome back or condolences from lawyers.

  • What Labor Lawyers Want to Know About Andrew Puzder

    By Rebekah Mintzer

    Fast-food chief executive Andrew Puzder's nomination to lead the U.S. Labor Department is inching forward amid opposition from U.S. Senate Democrats and employee advocates who contend his confirmation would imperil Obama administration regulations. Employment lawyers on the labor and management sides are sharing their own observations about what Puzder should disclose to show he is fit, and without conflict, to serve as secretary of the Labor Department.

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