Climate Change Policy in Spotlight as Appeals Court Opens Review of Clean Power Plan

Mammoth litigation over a pillar of the Obama administration’s climate-change policy goes before the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit today. And depending on your point of view, the so-called Clean Power Plan is either a “blunderbuss” and “power grab,” or a classic “exercise in cooperative federalism.”

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  • FTC and Herbalife Snub Big Law for Consulting Firm As Compliance Monitor

    By C. Ryan Barber

    The Federal Trade Commission and Herbalife chose consulting firm Affiliated Monitors Inc. over a number of Big Law bidders for the role of compliance monitor in $200 million settlement.

  • Lawmakers Target FDA Along With Mylan CEO at Congressional EpiPen Hearing

    By C. Ryan Barber

    Searching for solutions to the skyrocketing cost of the EpiPen, lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee looked to Mylan chief executive officer Heather Bresch on Wednesday and asked why the pharmaceutical company could not lower the price for the drug delivery device used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions.

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