The Man Behind the Newest Supreme Court Voting Case

Edward Blum, the mastermind behind successful U.S. Supreme Court challenges to affirmative action and the federal Voting Rights Act, has done it again—this time, in a case that could reshape the way voting districts are drawn nationwide.

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  • The Hurdles for Banks After Guilty Pleas

    By Jenna Greene

    In the elite world of multibillion-dollar Wall Street banks, the U.S. Department of Labor rarely looms large. That changed this week. The agency will play a key role in determining whether five megabanks that pleaded guilty to criminal charges can effectively participate in the $7 trillion pension fund market.

  • Why the CFPB Found PayPal's Conduct 'Abusive'

    By Jenna Greene

    When are a company's actions not just unfair and deceptive, but also abusive? A new case against PayPal Inc., which will pay $25 million to settle charges that the company illegally signed up consumers for unwanted credit, sheds light on a murky legal standard created by the Dodd-Frank Act.

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  • Former Ohio Congressman Accuses Congressional Doctors of Negligence

    By Zoe Tillman

    Former Ohio congressman Steven LaTourette, diagnosed last year with pancreatic cancer, is accusing the congressional medical office of negligence. As his administrative claims proceed, he wants a federal judge to allow him to record testimony in case he's too sick or no longer alive by the time he's permitted to file suit.

  • Charging Documents: The FIFA Indictment

    A 47-count indictment unsealed today in Brooklyn federal district court charges 14 defendants, including nine FIFA officials, with participation in a long-running corruption conspiracy.

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