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Winning 2014

Victories Against the Odds

The National Law Journal presents five lawyers and their teams who faced tough odds at trial and prevailed by using creative litigation strategies, sharp trial techniques and plenty of legal brainpower.

govt investigations

What's The Benefit of Cooperating With The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

In this special report, we look at new ways the government is tracking down wrongdoing and how lawyers are responding to government probes and defending their clients against alleged overreach in those investigations.

Who Represents Corporate America

Who Represents Corporate America

Our annual survey of the firms that work for the country's largest corporations.

D.C.'s Rising Stars

D.C.'s Rising Stars

The National Law Journal spotlights 40 private, government and public interest advocacy attorneys—each 40 or under—who are leaders in the law.

IP bug

IP Law: Forward Progress or Interference?

IP law rarely attracts attention outside legal circles, but it was hard to overlook a trademark appeal board's cancellation of mark registrations owned by a certain football team in Washington. In this special report, we examine what the ruling really means.

The Hill Hot List

The Hill Hot List

Meet 10 lawyers on Capitol Hill who have played key roles in crafting prominent legislation and advocating positions on issues of national significance.


Boston's Rising Stars

The National Law Journal and The Connecticut Law Tribune present the Boston Rising Stars, a list of 40 outstanding lawyers in the Boston area, age 40 or younger.

predcode bug

The Future of Discovery is Here—Or Is It?

In this special report, we asked litigation experts to take stock and examine some of the techniques out there for using computer algorithms to search for dispositive evidence.

midwest report

Variety and Optimism in Midwest Markets

A broad mix of practice areas is sustaining law firms across the country's middle region.

Chicago LDOY bug

The Windy City Winners

We asked top litigation practices in Chicago to tell us about their operations — head counts and revenues, biggest wins and even their losses. The NLJ staff then pored over the information and selected the nine firms you'll read about here.

Carolinas In-House Legal Departments of the Year

The National Law Journal recognizes leading in-house legal departments in North Carolina and South Carolina.


Inside Washington: Our Annual Report on D.C. Law Offices

Despite Congressional gridlock on a number of critical national issues, legal work that grows from government relations and federal regulation continues to spell opportunity for lobbyists and lawyers.

boston LDOY

Boston Legal Departments of the Year

We spotlight seven innovative corporate legal teams at companies headquartered in Boston and the surrounding area.

New England Report bug

The 2014 New England Report

A look at the performance of the legal sector in the area's six states.

bug update

Washington Litigation Departments of the Year

Top lawyers in Washington litigation practices were busier than ever in 2013­ representing big-name clients­ in disputes over affirmative action, patents, insurance, false claims and prison—to name a few areas.


Last year marked the biggest headcount gains for lawyers at the nation's 350 largest firms since 2009 — the year firms slashed their ranks in response to the recession.

IPHL 2014

The 2014 IP Hot List: Life on the Cutting Edge

The NLJ received dozens of nominations for our annual list of the hottest IP firms, and many of our chosen 20 rank among the most venerable in the country.

Special Report: Judicial Transparency

Financial disclosure reports for 257 federal appellate judges reveal a trove of details about their outside earnings.

midsize bug

The 2014 Midsize Hot List

The National Law Journal spotlights 20 law firms from across the country that are succeeding at a time when many of their bigger competitors are struggling amid high headcounts and overhead.

Legal Education's Diversity Deficit

National minority enrollment has made only modest gains in the last decade.

Washington bug

Washington In-House Legal Departments of the Year

The National Law Journal spotlights D.C. in-house legal teams that are ahead of the pace in outside counsel management, corporate compliance, diversity in the profession, pro bono service and in handling really big deals.

Compliance: A Special Report

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is undertaking a major review of the disclosure requirements for public companies, opening an opportunity to home in on material information of true value to investors.

Colorado In-House Legal Departments of the Year

The National Law Journal spotlights Colorado in-house legal teams that are setting standards in outside counsel management, corporate compliance, diversity in the profession, pro bono service and in handling really big deals.

Chicago's In-House Legal Departments of the Year

The in-house legal teams that are setting the standard in corporate compliance, deal work, diversity and more.

Health Care: A Special Report

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act remains the big news for health care practitioners, and we explore two aspects of the law in this special report — how it could expand access to mental health care and how employers can take advantage of a reprieve from the legal mandate to provide health insurance. We also examine the long struggle to ensure equal access to medical trials for women and minority groups.

Map of ChevronTexaco's Ecuador operations, Chevron counsel Randy Mastro (top), and plaintiff's attorney Steven Donziger

A Win for Chevron in Dispute with Ecuador

Following up on a six-week trial this fall, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan in Manhattan ruled Tuesday that U.S. attorney Steven Donziger corruptly orchestrated the environmental litigation that resulted in a $9.5 billion Ecuadorean judgment against Chevron, violating racketeering laws.

Plaintiffs' Hot List

The firms on this year's list landed groundbreaking verdicts, negotiated big settlements and, in many cases, paved the way for the resolution of other disputes.

The Go-To Law Schools

Our annual report on the law schools that supply the largest numbers of new associates to NLJ 250 law firms.

Innovations in Law Firm Technology

The past few years have been momentous for law firms and their use of technology. In the electronic discovery area alone, innovations including predictive coding have found acceptance by the courts.

Seattle In-House Legal Departments of the Year

Corporate counsel leading the way in compliance, outside counsel management, diversity and deal work.


The number of lawyers increased just slightly in 2012. Most of the gains were among partners, and associate results were flat.


Our annual report on law firms and lobbying shops in the nation's capital.

Closed Until Further Notice

For the first time since 1996, the U.S. government has ground to a halt. The House of Representatives and the Senate are at odds over funding and all signs point to a continuing bitter fight. The National Law Journal and its sister publications at ALM will provide coverage throughout the shutdown.