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Digital Age Requires New Level of Cooperation

By Douglas S. Lavine |

Without it, disputes become mired in electronic discovery and resolution remains elusive.

Brian Farley, senior vice president, general counsel & corporate secretary of Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc.

In-House Counsel Profile: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc.'s Brian Farley

By Lisa Holton |

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc. has come a long way from helping pharmacies and other medical professionals figure out doctors' messy handwriting. Brian Farley heads a department of 40, including 16 attorneys, located in Chicago, Atlanta, Raleigh and India.

VOIR DIRE: Review Reviewed

A blogger in France is paying a price for a negative restaurant review. Plus: preaching permits in this week's column.


New arrivals and lateral moves in this week's column.

A worker is seen force-feeding a duck recently at the farm Hudson Valley Foie Gras in upstate New York.

IN BRIEF: Foie Gras Challenge Fails

An intermediate state appeals court in Albany, N.Y., has ruled that neither a California animal rights group nor a New York resident has standing to compel the state to halt commercial production of foie gras. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

The Big Impact from Nixed Recess Appointments

By Kenneth R. Dolin |

Supreme Court's rejection of President Obama's labor board picks could upset hundreds of decisions.

And an Associate Shall Lead Them …

By Adrian Dayton |

Cross-selling doesn't have to be painful; sometimes it can start with a simple step like accepting that LinkedIn invite from the associate down the hall.

John Tobola, senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary for Freeport LNG Development L.P.

In-House Counsel Profile: Freeport LNG Development L.P.'s John Tobola

By Richard Acello |

Freeport LNG Development L.P. has responded to the shale gas boom by undertaking a multibillion-dollar expansion. General counsel John Tobola said its earnings are set by contract, not daily oil prices.

Ronnie White

INADMISSIBLE: 17 Years Later, Ronnie White Is Confirmed

What a difference 17 years and a Senate rules change can make. On July 16, the U.S. Senate confirmed former Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronnie White to a seat on the federal bench in the Eastern District of Missouri. Plus more in this week's column.

Kenny Kramer

VOIR DIRE: Yada Yada Yada

A New York state court threw out a defamation suit by Kenny Kramer — the inspiration for the "Seinfeld" ­television show character Cosmo Kramer — against a ­former show writer and guest whose book dissed Kramer's "Seinfeld"-based bus tours. Plus: a lamentable situation in this week's column.


New arrivals and lateral moves in this week's column.

Alarming Changes to Procedural Rules Proposed

By Arthur H. Bryant |

Amending some provisions — particularly those dealing with discovery — will block access to justice.

The Magic Bean Strategy Will Fail

By Adrian Dayton |

You remember the story — Jack planted the magic beans and climbed the stalk into the clouds? It worked for Jack, but it won't work for lawyers. They need to use LinkedIn to further their ­specific business-development goals.

Fisherman's Appeal Tests 'Antishredding' Law

By Sue Reisinger |

He was snagged by provision aimed at financial crime.

GC Life Down Under

By Sherry Karabin |

When it comes to pay, at least, the similarities are striking, with rewards tied closely to performance metrics.

Shawn Murphy, Vice President, General Counsel, & Corporate Secretary of Mazda North American Operations.

In-House Counsel Profile: Mazda Motor of America Inc.'s Shawn Murphy

By June D. Bell |

Shawn Murphy heads a team of four attorneys in Irvine who handle products liability consumer litigation claims including warranty and "lemon law" complaints, and asbestos litigation cases.

Andrew Zausner.

INADMISSIBLE: Dickstein Government Law Team Decamps

Shrinking Washington law firm Dickstein Shapiro has lost a significant part of its government law and policy practice group to Greenberg Traurig. Plus more in this week's column.

VOIR DIRE: Stripped of Pay

Fifteen exotic dancers filed a proposed class action complaint in San Antonio federal court, alleging their employer violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to pay them "whatsoever" for regular and overtime hours. Also: sleeping in the stands in this week's column.


Lateral moves in this week's column.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

IN BRIEF: Facebook Targeted

Facebook Inc. defended its privacy practices following ­revelations that it altered some users' news feeds in 2012 to gauge their emotional responses. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

Ari L. Kaplan

Being Social Is Good, But Being Accountable Is Better

By Ari Kaplan |

While statistics demonstrate the increasingly social nature of the legal profession, it remains critical to empower individuals by fostering follow-up and cultivating consistency.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 03: Judge Jed Rakoff poses for a portrait in his office at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan court house in Manhattan, New York on September 3, 2013. (Photo by Yana Paskova/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

When Both Sides Agree, But the Dispute Lives On

By Aaron S. Bayer |

Appeals courts tap amicus counsel even if opposing lawyers see eye-to-eye or if one party bails out.

A-List Law Firms Have Feet of Clay

By Vivia Chen |

The American Lawyer just published its annual "A-List" issue, but once you look behind the scores, you get a sense that the winners aren't quite as stellar as they first appear.

Cliff Berman, senior vice president and general counsel of Catamaran Corporation

In-House Counsel: Catamaran Corp.'s Cliff Berman

By Lisa Holton |

Catamaran Corp. helps employers, insurers and unions navigate their prescription benefits. Cliff Berman founded the 10-lawyer legal department in 2008.

VOIR DIRE: In Plain Sight?

A bumper sticker reading "Unmarked Police Car" had a couple Indianapolis police officers unamused, and a canceled gambling tournament nets nothing else for anybody in this week's column.


Laterals and new arrivals in this week's column.

Skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

IN BRIEF: Leaving Abu Dhabi

Six years after it opened, Holland & Knight is closing its Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, office and exiting the Middle East. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

An Oft-Overlooked Path to Recovering Costs, Fees

By Samuel Casey and Aaron Furniss |

Often overlooked in federal practice, state "offer of settlement" statutes potentially present both plaintiffs and defendants with an opportunity to recover costs and attorney fees.

SEC Playing Bigger Role in Cybersecurity

By Nick Akerman and Parker Schweich |

Besides clarifying disclosure requirements, the agency is prompting companies to take proactive steps.

New Jersey Targets Child Pornography

By Michael D. Goldhaber |

The greatest child pornography prosecution in history concluded this month with the sentencing of the Ukrainian child pornographer Maksym Shynkarenko to 30 years in prison.

Lisa Pattis of Wintrust Financial Corp.

In-House Counsel Profile: Wintrust Financial Corp.'s Lisa Pattis

By Lisa Holton |

Wintrust Financial Corp. is one of the faster-growing bank holding companies in the Midwest. General counsel Lisa Pattis was Wintrust's first in-house attorney.


Snooki's Sweet Suit


Lateral moves, new arrivals and promotions in this week's column.

red x person

Time to Nix the Rule on 'Specialist' Designation

By Michael Downey |

Created to prevent lawyers from falsely claiming expertise, it instead keeps information from the public.

Of Soccer Balls and Social Media

By Adrian Dayton |

What do lawyers and Pakistani factory workers have in common? More than you think.

stocks/money concept 3d

Boards Taking Interest in CEOs' Personal Lives

By Michael W. Peregrine |

Governing boards, mindful of the need to protect the corporate reputation, are extending their review of executive conduct to a 24/7 cycle.

Dennis Holland, general counsel of Retail Properties of America, Inc.

In-House Counsel Profile: Retail Properties of America Inc.'s Dennis Holland

By Lisa Holton |

Oak Brook, Ill.-based Retail Properties of America Inc., more commonly known as RPAI, is a real estate investment trust that's one of the nation's largest owners and managers of strip shopping centers. Dennis Holland leads a team of real estate specialists comprising five attorneys plus support staff.

Miley Cyrus and Sandra Bullock

VOIR DIRE: Breaking Into Showbiz?

Pop star Miley Cyrus and actress Sandra Bullock were the latest celebrities to get burglarized in Los Angeles. Plus: trying to get some anachronistic laws repealed in New Jersey in this week's column.


Lateral moves and new arrivals in this week's column.

IN BRIEF: Contraceptive Mandate OK'd

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit on June 11 rejected requests by a group of Roman Catholic nonprofit organizations to block the contraceptive coverage requirement in the Affordable Care Act. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr.

Businesses Should Brace for DOJ's Assault

By George J. Terwilliger III |

The U.S. attorney general's criminal prosecutions against corporations threaten a tepid economy.