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To Catch an E-Thief — Under Federal Property Law

By Nick Akerman |

As businesses move away from paper documents, courts are poised to broaden 'conversion' definition.

Anne Ortel, general counsel of Ustream.

In-House Counsel Profile: Ustream Inc.'s Anne Ortel

By June D. Bell |

"It's always a challenge when you're helping a company shift its business model."

Paula Jones and her husband Steve Jones leave the Little Rock, Ark., federal courthouse Friday, Aug. 22, 1997.

INADMISSIBLE: Roberts Once Considered Repping Clinton

Documents released by the Clinton Presidential Library led to a startling revelation: Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., then in private practice, actually considered representing President Bill Clinton before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1997 in the legal battle over Paula Jones' allegations of sexual harassment. Plus more in this week's column.

Don Henley

VOIR DIRE: Eagle-Eyed

Don Henley doesn't like that pun, and telling little lies about Lil Wayne in this week's column.


New arrivals and lateral moves in this week's column.

David McCallum, left, who spent 29 years in prison, answers questions from the media after his conviction was vacated in Brooklyn Supreme Court Wednesday. With him are his mother Ernestine and his attorney Oscar Michelen.

IN BRIEF: Exoneration After 30 Years

Nearly 30 years after David McCallum was convicted of ­murder at age 17 on the strength of a confession he said was beaten out of him, he walked out of a courthouse on Oct. 15 a free man. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

How Are Women Supposed to Act?

By Vivia Chen |

During a tech conference, when asked how women should broach the subject of a promotion or a raise, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella essentially told women to keep their mouths shut.

Firms Push Luck With Advance Conflict Waivers

By Gina Passarella |

General counsel don’t want to feel taken for granted.

A Pressing Need for Access to Cellphone Data

By Laurie L. Levenson |

Law enforcement officials are asserting "exigent circumstances " to get such evidence without a warrant.

Stephen Beard, general counsel of Heidrick & Struggles.

In-House Counsel Profile: Heidrick & Struggles International Inc.'s Stephen Beard

By Lisa Holton |

"The day starts when I wake up — we're operating in every time zone in the world."

INADMISSIBLE: Lawyers Line Up To Fight Trial Subpoenas

Lawyers are lining up to fight subpoenas requiring them to testify remotely via video in a Boston antitrust trial, but the battle is over for Covington & Burling chairman Timothy Hester. Plus more in this week's column.

Psychic Sally Morgan on stage

VOIR DIRE: Psychic Enemies Network

A psychic battles a skeptic and a pro-pot potential congressman battles New Jersey in this week's column.


New arrivals and lateral moves in this week's column.

Reputed Mafia cop Louis Eppolito

IN BRIEF: 'Mafia Cops' Claims Advance

Nearly three decades after two New York City police officers ­carried out murders for organized crime, families of "Mafia Cops" victims can proceed with claims against the city. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

How Hard Data Influence Business Decisions

By Rebekah Mintzer |

58 percent of executives still rely mainly on instinct.

A Wild Week For Ecuador Case

By Michael D. Goldhaber |

The Canadian bar revolts, Chevron mugs a litigation funder, and the plaintiffs play jujitsu. What's next—Donziger tossing out the first pitch of the World Series?

LGBT Employment Guide

By Sue Reisinger |

With changes to same-sex marriage laws cascading through the states after the U.S. Supreme Court (in)action of Oct. 6, an in-house lawyer has written a book to help employers deal with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues.

A Hot Check Can Plunge A Lawyer Into Hot Water

By Michael Downey |

Ethics rules changes that require client notification of overdrafts mean problems for unwary practitioners.

In-House Counsel Profile: ManpowerGroup Inc.'s Richard Buchband

By Lisa Holton |

ManpowerGroup Inc. was founded in Milwaukee in 1948 by two attorneys who needed a typist for a short-term project. The company now employs 30,000 people in 80 countries and territories. Richard Buchband leads a 75-attorney law department.

Women Ought to Embrace Criticism

By Vivia Chen |

Managers tend to dole out harsher, more "personalized" performance reviews to women than men, and women are the ones who take criticism much more personally. It's a bad mix.

No Bribe, It Seems, Is Too Small for SEC Action

By Rebekah Mintzer |

A warning comes courtesy of Smith & Wesson.

(l-r) Larry Craig; Amy Berman Jackson

INADMISSIBLE: Ex-Sen. Larry Craig Slapped with Penalty

Larry Craig, the former Idaho senator arrested in a 2007 airport sex sting, violated federal election law when he used hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds to pay his legal bills, a federal judge in Washington ruled on Sept. 30. Plus more in this week's column.

VOIR DIRE: Shape Wary

The FTC hopes a $1.5 million settlement of false-product claims will make women's "shapewear" makers jittery about again linking their ­caffeine-infused undergarments to weight loss. Plus more in this week's column.


Laterals and new arrivals in this week's column.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas, seen on Thursday, October 2, 2014

IN BRIEF: Ebola Concern

The first case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States may be creating "a nightmare" for in-house lawyers at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, the former general counsel of a large hospital system said. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

Ray Rice.

NFL Probe Should Follow the Corporate Model

By George J. Terwilliger III |

Adhering to sound investigation principles in the Ray Rice matter can repair the league's reputation.

In-House Counsel Profile: Northwestern University's Thomas G. Cline

By Lisa Holton |

Thomas Cline leads a nine-attorney legal department in Evanston. During the past year, the top items have been litigation involving the athlete union and a Title IX matter involving a professor and a student.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

INADMISSIBLE: Ginsburg Shoves Back on Retirement Talk

In the latest of a series of press interviews this year, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg explained, in the most explicit terms yet, why the people calling for her to retire are "misguided." But not everyone agrees with her analysis. Plus more in this week's column.

Rudy Giuliani speaking during The Federalist Society's 2007 National Attorneys Convention at the Mayflower Hotel.  November 15, 2007.

VOIR DIRE: Call of Rudy

Activision Blizzard Inc.'s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare interactive game has spawned a real-life battle between former New York City Mayor and U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani and former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega — in California Superior Court. Plus: malicious wounding of a car seat in this week's column.


Lateral moves and new arrivals in this week's column.

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith

IN BRIEF: Son-in-Law Sentenced

Al-Qaida spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghayth received a life sentence on Sept. 23 for urging Muslim men to join a relentless war of terror against the United States. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

Gary Osen showing jurors a video clip of Steve Averbach's deposition during closing arguments in <em>Linde v. Arab Bank</em>.

Scene From the Arab Bank Trial

By Michael D. Goldhaber |

A great trial lawyer delivers a classic closing, only to be upstaged by the shy man who pulled him into the case.

Overseas Whistleblower Award Was a Warning

By Rebekah Mintzer |

Multinationals need to shore up compliance efforts.

Advisers Found Liable for Boards' Violations

By William Savitt |

Courts say third parties have aided and abetted directors in litigation over mergers and acquisitions.

LinkedIn Publishing: A Little Too Free?

By Adrian Dayton |

Everyone can be a publisher with LinkedIn's web platform. But is that a good thing?

In-House Counsel Profile: Fiserv Inc.'s Lynn McCreary

By Lisa Holton |

General counsel Lynn McCreary leads 35 attorneys in Wisconsin; Norcross, Ga.; and various other U.S. and global offices. The top project during the past year was Fiserv's $55 million acquisition of competitor Open Solutions Inc.

Debo Adegbile

INADMISSIBLE: Denied Appointment, Adegbile Joins Wilmer

Civil rights advocate Debo Adegbile is joining Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr as a litigator in the New York office, the firm said last week. Plus more in this week's column.

VOIR DIRE: Oh? Jay Says No.

Rapper Jay-Z has 99 problems and a syllable is one. Plus: a hot flash leads to a firing in this week's column.


New arrivals and lateral moves in this week's column.

View of the Silicon Valley

IN BRIEF: Silicon Valley Rules

Partners in Silicon Valley are the highest paid in the nation, ­reporting an average total compensation of $1.167 million in 2013, according to a survey by Major, Lindsey & Africa. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

International Focus on Corporate Tax Dodgers

By Sue Reisinger |

Proposals for cracking down on "tax inversion."

Janet McDavid

DOJ's Antitrust Compliance Guidance Falls Short

By Kathryn Hellings and Janet McDavid |

Companies need better direction and incentive from the government to stay inside the law.

H. Edward Wynn, vice president, general counsel and secretary of Stepan Company.

In-House Counsel Profile: Stepan Co.'s H. Edward Wynn

By Lisa Holton |

General Counsel H. Edward Wynn leads an eight-member team with outposts in Brazil, Europe and China.

Ketanji Brown Jackson

INADMISSIBLE: Judge Lets Ex-Prosecutor Sue DOJ Under 'John Doe' Name

A former federal prosecutor who's suing the U.S. Department of Justice over his termination will be allowed to keep his real name secret, a Washington federal trial judge ruled last week. Plus more in this week's column.

VOIR DIRE: Bad Neighbor

Brooklyn resident Louis Segna made more than 400 fake 911 calls over two years trying to get police to respond to his complaints about his noisy neighborhood. Also: The ugliest courthouse in Texas, and only say nice things about Roca Labs in this week's column.


New arrivals and lateral moves in this week's column.

Zephyr Teachout

IN BRIEF: Profs Embarrass Cuomo

Fordham University School of Law professor Zephyr Teachout won 34 percent of the vote on Sept. 9 in New York state's Democratic primary against Gov. Mario Cuomo. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

Justices Are Paying More Attention to Amicus Briefs

By Anthony J. Franze and R. Reeves Anderson |

All told, the court received more than 800 amicus briefs in the 67 argued cases with signed opinions. That's 24,000 pages or 7.2 million words — "War and Peace" a dozen times over.

The Careerist: New York Ranks #1 for Misery

By Vivia Chen |

Is it a mistake to work and live in New York?

Client Demands Force Firms to Reorganize

By Rebekah Mintzer |

Survey finds new types of associates, practices.

In-house Counsel Collects

By Sue Reisinger |

Fees awarded to corporate lawyer who argued case.

Teri McClure, chief legal, communications and compliance officer of UPS.

In-House Counsel Profile: United Parcel Service Inc.'s Teri McClure

By Richard Acello |

United Parcel Service Inc. is the world's largest package-delivery company. General counsel Teri McClure leads a team of 41 in the United States and 72 worldwide.

<b>RALLY:</b> Activists last month called for a federal probe outside of Main Justice.

INADMISSIBLE: DOJ Sets Sights On Ferguson Police Dept.

The U.S. Department of Justice is digging in deeper in Ferguson, Mo., initiating a civil rights investigation of the police department that follows the Aug. 9 fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen, Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. said last week.

VOIR DIRE: Bacon, Extra Crispi

Bacon was cooking, not for dinner but for revenge, when a woman tried to set her ex-boyfriend's house on fire. Plus: a withdrawal from a "Real Housewives of New Jersey" bankruptcy case, and a starring role for a former U.S. attorney in this week's column.


New arrivals and lateral moves in this week's column.

Rachel Moran.

IN BRIEF: UCLA Dean Stepping Down

Rachel Moran, dean of the University of California at Los Angeles School of Law, has announced plans to step down as soon as her replacement can be found. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

SOS — Patent Lawyers in Need of Court Guidance

By Lewis R. Clayton |

Parties pursuing a business-method patent, which has roots in the Morse telegraph, face uncertainty.

Lisa Hatton Harrington, Vice President & Associate General Counsel of NBCUniversal Digital Division.  Photo: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages.  (HANDOUT)...ACC So-Cal Annual Gala in Los Angeles, CA  on Tuesday, March 4, 2014  (Alex J. Berliner/ABImages)

In-House Counsel Profile: Lisa Hatton Harrington

By June Bell |

Lisa Hatton Harrington oversees much of NBCUniversal Media LLC's digital arm, including Fandango, the country's leading online retailer of movie tickets.

Jeffrey Lesk of Nixon Peabody

INADMISSIBLE: Cross Pennsylvania Ave. Off The Hot List

Law firms, Washington's largest private-sector real estate tenants, have razed tradition to cater more to the city's young intelligentsia when choosing new locations, according to some of the city's law firm and real estate leaders. Plus more in this week's column.

VOIR DIRE: Tweet Revenge

Marlon Wayans compares another actor to a Family Guy character, and a lawsuit ensues. Plus: a bad puppy dealer in this week's column.


Lateral moves and new arrivals in this week's column.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh

IN BRIEF: Freeh Injured in Crash

Pepper Hamilton chairman Louis Freeh, a former judge and ­director of the FBI, was hospitalized in New Hampshire with serious injuries following a one-car accident. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

Labor Board Serves Win To Restaurant Workers

By Rebekah Mintzer |

The National Labor Relations Board recently served up a decision that would have been pretty hard for one Jimmy John's franchisee to swallow.

unfinished automobiles in a car plant

Panel Affirms Ford's Win in Asbestos Case

By P.J. D'Annunzio |

Ford Motor Co. cannot be held liable in a case involving asbestos-containing auto parts manufactured and distributed by its subsidiary in the United Kingdom, the state Superior Court has ruled.

Courtroom scene by Honore Daumier, lithograph, 1845.

Objection! Your Interruptions Are Sanctionable

By Robert L. Byman |

A recent decision shows how far counsel can go in fighting an opposing lawyer's questions to a witness.

Gary Osen outside Brooklyn Federal Court

The Man Behind A Terrorism Trial

By Michael D. Goldhaber |

A shy, misplaced historian named Gary Osen assembled much of the evidence in the world's first terrorism finance trial.

<b>RIGHTS FIGHT:</b> Gay marriage demonstrators outside the Supreme Court in 2013.

INADMISSIBLE: U.S. Supreme Court Halts Same-Sex Marriage in Virginia

The U.S. Supreme Court on August 20 tapped the brakes on the fast-moving litigation seeking to overturn bans on same-sex marriage. Plus more in this week's column.

Catwoman in

VOIR DIRE: No Copycat

A federal appeals court held that the Catwoman character's use of so-called clean-slate software in "The Dark Knight Rises" movie to erase her criminal records doesn't violate Fortres Grand Corp.'s real Clean Slate trademark. Plus: lawyers are stressed, and healthier kids' meals in this week's column.


Laterals and new arrivals in this week's column.

Court Broadens Confidentiality of Investigations

By Bruce J. Casino and Bora Rawcliffe |

D.C. Circuit extends privilege in internal corporate probes, but inconsistent rulings remain.

Defining What’s 'Best' for Women

By Vivia Chen |

A look at the subtext behind Working Woman magazine's "50 best firms for women."

GCs Turning Away From Largest Firms for M&A

By Rebekah Mintzer |

"Second-largest" firms get a bigger piece of the pie.

Rules Changing on Pot

By Marlisse Silver Sweeney |

As marijuana laws change throughout the country, how should employers handle positive drug tests?

Joseph Bonaccorsi, general counsel of Akorn Pharmaceuticals.

In-House Counsel Profile: Akorn Inc.'s Joseph Bonaccorsi

By Lisa Holton |

Joseph Bonaccorsi became Akorn's first general counsel in 2009 and for three years was its only in-house lawyer; now is he one of three.

Neal Katyal of Hogan Lovells

INADMISSIBLE: Advocate Sees Urgency in Marriage Fight

Hogan Lovell's Neal Katyal has a lineup of U.S. Supreme Court arguments in the coming term that most high court advocates would trade a coveted justice bobblehead for. But none of the five he will argue is likely to capture the nation's attention as much one he recently signed up to handle. Plus more in this week's column.

VOIR DIRE: One Big Docket

Of the 65 residents of Montezuma, Colo., 61 are ­registered to vote. And they're all being sued by their own town. Plus: T.I. settles in this week's column.


Lateral moves and new arrivals in this week's column.

Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers  .

IN BRIEF: Clippers Change Hands

Former Microsoft Corp. chief executive officer Steve Ballmer completed his purchase of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team on Aug. 12 for $2 billion. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

Flow of Money Out of China Has Officials on Alert

By Dan Webb and Robb C. Adkins |

Regulators are clamping down on transfers out of the country. Lawyers need to learn the new rules.

Lawyers Need to Drop the Hard Sell

By Adrian Dayton |

How can lawyers sell online and offline without losing their dignity? Here are five simple techniques.

States Wary of House Patent Reform Language

By Lisa Shuchman |

They fear preemption of their crackdowns on "trolls."

Andrew Kelley of Madison Co.

In-House Counsel Profile: The Madison Cos. LLC's Andrew Kelley

By Richard Acello |

The Madison Cos. LLC is a private-equity firm specializing in acquisition and management of entertainment and real estate properties. General counsel Andrew Kelley leads a legal team comprising three attorneys, a paralegal and a legal assistant.

Government workers protest the possibility of a federal shutdown Monday, Sept. 30, 2013, in Chicago.

INADMISSIBLE: Suit Over Shutdown Pay to Move Forward

The federal government violated labor laws by requiring certain employees to work without pay during last year's government shutdown, even though they were paid later on, a federal judge has ruled. Plus more in this week's column.

Self-portrait of a female Celebes crested macaque (Macaca nigra) in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, who had picked up photographer David Slater's camera and photographed herself with it.

VOIR DIRE: Simian Selfie Suit?

The photographer of the famous monkey "selfie" is considering legal action against Wikimedia. Plus: A solo attorney's epic commercial in this week's column.


Lateral moves and new arrivals in this week's column.

It's Not Your Father's Family Law Practice

By Mary Kay Kisthardt and Barbara Handschu |

Artificial reproduction technology — and a patchwork of laws — may catch some attorneys off guard.

International Criminal Court, The Hague, Netherlands

Poetic Justice in Yukos Arbitration

By Michael D. Goldhaber |

To hold the Russian Federation liable for its cynical plundering of OAO Yukos Oil Co., as a tribunal in The Hague did on July 28, was a triumph for the oft-criticized system of investment arbitration. It's easy to see the justice in taking $50 billion from Russia. The hard part is to justify giving it to five wealthy friends of Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

McDonald’s Franchisees Under NLRB Scrutiny

By Sue Reisinger |

Corporation could be liable for labor violations.

Twitch Interactive's Elizabeth Baker

In-House Counsel Profile: Twitch Interactive's Elizabeth Baker

By Teresa Wall-Cyb |

The San Francisco streaming video startup's general counsel Elizabeth "Boo" Baker says that in an extended negotiation "the other side will know the nickname by the end."

Alan Gura, at mic, with Richard Heller, second from left, and Clark Neily, far right, speaks to reporters in front of the Supreme Court, after the Court struck down the DC handgun ban. June 26, 2008.

INADMISSIBLE: Another D.C. Handgun Gun Law Scrapped

Six years after Alan Gura convinced the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down the District of Columbia's ban on guns in the home, he again prevailed in having another city gun regulation declared unconstitutional. Plus more in this week's column.

A person dressed as Elmo shakes hands with a pedestrian in Times Square on Monday, July 28, 2014 in New York.

VOIR DIRE: Can You Spell "Lawsuit?"

Sesame Workshop doesn't think everything is a-OK in Times Square. Plus: law in space in this week's column.


Lateral moves and new arrivals in this week's column.

The 17-foot-tall cross-shaped beams installed on a pedestal at Ground Zero.

IN BRIEF: Ground Zero Cross OK'd

A unanimous panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that a cross-shaped beam found in the wreckage of the September 11, 2001, attacks can be displayed at New York's Ground Zero museum without violating the establishment clause. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

Practice image

Digital Age Requires New Level of Cooperation

By Douglas S. Lavine |

Without it, disputes become mired in electronic discovery and resolution remains elusive.

Brian Farley, senior vice president, general counsel & corporate secretary of Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc.

In-House Counsel Profile: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc.'s Brian Farley

By Lisa Holton |

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc. has come a long way from helping pharmacies and other medical professionals figure out doctors' messy handwriting. Brian Farley heads a department of 40, including 16 attorneys, located in Chicago, Atlanta, Raleigh and India.

The Careerist: Do Men Really Want Paternity Leave?

By Vivia Chen |

Men overwhelmingly support paternity leave. Sort of.

VOIR DIRE: Review Reviewed

A blogger in France is paying a price for a negative restaurant review. Plus: preaching permits in this week's column.


New arrivals and lateral moves in this week's column.

A worker is seen force-feeding a duck recently at the farm Hudson Valley Foie Gras in upstate New York.

IN BRIEF: Foie Gras Challenge Fails

An intermediate state appeals court in Albany, N.Y., has ruled that neither a California animal rights group nor a New York resident has standing to compel the state to halt commercial production of foie gras. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

The Big Impact from Nixed Recess Appointments

By Kenneth R. Dolin |

Supreme Court's rejection of President Obama's labor board picks could upset hundreds of decisions.

And an Associate Shall Lead Them …

By Adrian Dayton |

Cross-selling doesn't have to be painful; sometimes it can start with a simple step like accepting that LinkedIn invite from the associate down the hall.

John Tobola, senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary for Freeport LNG Development L.P.

In-House Counsel Profile: Freeport LNG Development L.P.'s John Tobola

By Richard Acello |

Freeport LNG Development L.P. has responded to the shale gas boom by undertaking a multibillion-dollar expansion. General counsel John Tobola said its earnings are set by contract, not daily oil prices.

Ronnie White

INADMISSIBLE: 17 Years Later, Ronnie White Is Confirmed

What a difference 17 years and a Senate rules change can make. On July 16, the U.S. Senate confirmed former Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronnie White to a seat on the federal bench in the Eastern District of Missouri. Plus more in this week's column.

Kenny Kramer

VOIR DIRE: Yada Yada Yada

A New York state court threw out a defamation suit by Kenny Kramer — the inspiration for the "Seinfeld" ­television show character Cosmo Kramer — against a ­former show writer and guest whose book dissed Kramer's "Seinfeld"-based bus tours. Plus: a lamentable situation in this week's column.


New arrivals and lateral moves in this week's column.

Alarming Changes to Procedural Rules Proposed

By Arthur H. Bryant |

Amending some provisions — particularly those dealing with discovery — will block access to justice.

The Magic Bean Strategy Will Fail

By Adrian Dayton |

You remember the story — Jack planted the magic beans and climbed the stalk into the clouds? It worked for Jack, but it won't work for lawyers. They need to use LinkedIn to further their ­specific business-development goals.

Fisherman's Appeal Tests 'Antishredding' Law

By Sue Reisinger |

He was snagged by provision aimed at financial crime.

GC Life Down Under

By Sherry Karabin |

When it comes to pay, at least, the similarities are striking, with rewards tied closely to performance metrics.

Shawn Murphy, Vice President, General Counsel, & Corporate Secretary of Mazda North American Operations.

In-House Counsel Profile: Mazda Motor of America Inc.'s Shawn Murphy

By June D. Bell |

Shawn Murphy heads a team of four attorneys in Irvine who handle products liability consumer litigation claims including warranty and "lemon law" complaints, and asbestos litigation cases.

Andrew Zausner.

INADMISSIBLE: Dickstein Government Law Team Decamps

Shrinking Washington law firm Dickstein Shapiro has lost a significant part of its government law and policy practice group to Greenberg Traurig. Plus more in this week's column.

VOIR DIRE: Stripped of Pay

Fifteen exotic dancers filed a proposed class action complaint in San Antonio federal court, alleging their employer violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to pay them "whatsoever" for regular and overtime hours. Also: sleeping in the stands in this week's column.


Lateral moves in this week's column.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

IN BRIEF: Facebook Targeted

Facebook Inc. defended its privacy practices following ­revelations that it altered some users' news feeds in 2012 to gauge their emotional responses. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

Ari L. Kaplan

Being Social Is Good, But Being Accountable Is Better

By Ari Kaplan |

While statistics demonstrate the increasingly social nature of the legal profession, it remains critical to empower individuals by fostering follow-up and cultivating consistency.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 03: Judge Jed Rakoff poses for a portrait in his office at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan court house in Manhattan, New York on September 3, 2013. (Photo by Yana Paskova/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)

When Both Sides Agree, But the Dispute Lives On

By Aaron S. Bayer |

Appeals courts tap amicus counsel even if opposing lawyers see eye-to-eye or if one party bails out.

A-List Law Firms Have Feet of Clay

By Vivia Chen |

The American Lawyer just published its annual "A-List" issue, but once you look behind the scores, you get a sense that the winners aren't quite as stellar as they first appear.

Cliff Berman, senior vice president and general counsel of Catamaran Corporation

In-House Counsel: Catamaran Corp.'s Cliff Berman

By Lisa Holton |

Catamaran Corp. helps employers, insurers and unions navigate their prescription benefits. Cliff Berman founded the 10-lawyer legal department in 2008.

VOIR DIRE: In Plain Sight?

A bumper sticker reading "Unmarked Police Car" had a couple Indianapolis police officers unamused, and a canceled gambling tournament nets nothing else for anybody in this week's column.


Laterals and new arrivals in this week's column.

Skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

IN BRIEF: Leaving Abu Dhabi

Six years after it opened, Holland & Knight is closing its Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, office and exiting the Middle East. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

An Oft-Overlooked Path to Recovering Costs, Fees

By Samuel Casey and Aaron Furniss |

Often overlooked in federal practice, state "offer of settlement" statutes potentially present both plaintiffs and defendants with an opportunity to recover costs and attorney fees.

SEC Playing Bigger Role in Cybersecurity

By Nick Akerman and Parker Schweich |

Besides clarifying disclosure requirements, the agency is prompting companies to take proactive steps.

New Jersey Targets Child Pornography

By Michael D. Goldhaber |

The greatest child pornography prosecution in history concluded this month with the sentencing of the Ukrainian child pornographer Maksym Shynkarenko to 30 years in prison.

Lisa Pattis of Wintrust Financial Corp.

In-House Counsel Profile: Wintrust Financial Corp.'s Lisa Pattis

By Lisa Holton |

Wintrust Financial Corp. is one of the faster-growing bank holding companies in the Midwest. General counsel Lisa Pattis was Wintrust's first in-house attorney.


Snooki's Sweet Suit


Lateral moves, new arrivals and promotions in this week's column.

red x person

Time to Nix the Rule on 'Specialist' Designation

By Michael Downey |

Created to prevent lawyers from falsely claiming expertise, it instead keeps information from the public.

Of Soccer Balls and Social Media

By Adrian Dayton |

What do lawyers and Pakistani factory workers have in common? More than you think.

stocks/money concept 3d

Boards Taking Interest in CEOs' Personal Lives

By Michael W. Peregrine |

Governing boards, mindful of the need to protect the corporate reputation, are extending their review of executive conduct to a 24/7 cycle.

Dennis Holland, general counsel of Retail Properties of America, Inc.

In-House Counsel Profile: Retail Properties of America Inc.'s Dennis Holland

By Lisa Holton |

Oak Brook, Ill.-based Retail Properties of America Inc., more commonly known as RPAI, is a real estate investment trust that's one of the nation's largest owners and managers of strip shopping centers. Dennis Holland leads a team of real estate specialists comprising five attorneys plus support staff.

Miley Cyrus and Sandra Bullock

VOIR DIRE: Breaking Into Showbiz?

Pop star Miley Cyrus and actress Sandra Bullock were the latest celebrities to get burglarized in Los Angeles. Plus: trying to get some anachronistic laws repealed in New Jersey in this week's column.


Lateral moves and new arrivals in this week's column.

IN BRIEF: Contraceptive Mandate OK'd

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit on June 11 rejected requests by a group of Roman Catholic nonprofit organizations to block the contraceptive coverage requirement in the Affordable Care Act. Plus more from and other ALM publications.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr.

Businesses Should Brace for DOJ's Assault

By George J. Terwilliger III |

The U.S. attorney general's criminal prosecutions against corporations threaten a tepid economy.