Back to the Land

A look at the state of the Midwestern legal market.

The National Law Journal

The lower 48 states just completed the hottest month on record, following the warmest 12-month period on record. The Midwest's farm economy has been left staggering. In our latest regional report card, we examine the implications for the region's legal profession — and took a side trip to Wisconsin to review the profession's role in the political fun and games in that state.
Firms rebranding to land agribusiness clients
With Midwest law firms still suffering from the recession, many are repositioning their existing practice areas to specialize in agriculture law.
• Plus, snapshots of the agribusiness client base.
Drought-related work keeps lawyers busy
With a record dry season sweeping the Midwest, lawyers in the region are scrambling to renegotiate contracts for clients including farmers, lenders, food processors and ethanol producers.
Political turmoil makes work for lawyers
Wisconsin's attorneys have been contributing money and effort on behalf of the state's warring factions.
Chicago firms embrace the future
What's in store for the practice of law in the Midwest during 2012? We invited the people running four of the largest law offices in Chicago to provide their forecasts during a panel discussion in April. • Plus, managing partners assess the business climate.
Dig into the data behind our Midwest Report by exploring our interactive map.

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