In-House Counsel Profiles

David Mace Roberts.

In-House Counsel Profile: David Mace Roberts

By Suzanne Monyak |

"I'm the first one in so I usually make coffee."

Colin Rushing.

In-House Counsel Profile: SoundExchange Inc.'s Colin Rushing

By C. Ryan Barber |

"I've always been a big music fan. So when the Sound­Exchange opportunity popped up, it was this amazing thing."

Matt Jacobs, general counsel of Black Duck Software.

In-House Counsel Profile: Black Duck Software Inc.'s Matt Jacobs

By Richard Acello |

"We're a global enterprise. There's always people who are at work someplace, so I'm available if there's anything I can address to keep the wheels of commerce moving forward."

Eric Roeder.

In-House Counsel Profile: Blizzard Entertainment Inc.'s Eric Roeder

By Richard Acello |

"I don't hire firms, I hire lawyers and I'll follow lawyers I like from firm to firm."

Lily Hughes.

In-House Counsel Profile: Public Storage's Lily Hughes

By Richard Acello |

"You need to be a business executive first, who uses their legal expertise to help the company succeed and drive change. You also have to be adept at risk analysis, seeing risks around the corner."

Jennifer Hill.

In-House Counsel Profile: Jennifer Hill

By Richard Acello |

"I'm looking for a partnership that feels like an extension of our company, like they could be in the office next to mine."

Amy Hancock.

In-House Counsel Profile: Amy Hancock

By June D. Bell |

Amy Hancock is general counsel of the American Beverage Associ­ation, the trade group of the non­alcoholic beverage industry. The group represents the interests of soft-drink companies, bottled-water producers and makers of energy and sports drinks and teas.

Frank Jimenez.

In-House Counsel Profile: Frank Jimenez

By Rich Acello |

"Don't be afraid to take calculated risks. In my career, I've taken voluntary pay cuts and moved in and out of the law in order to pursue my goals."

Robert Ingato of CIT Group.

In-House Counsel Profile: Robert Ingato

By Richard Acello |
Neil Rube.

In-House Counsel Profile: Neil Rube

"Follow your instincts — this is not a dress rehearsal."

Darcy Manning.

In-House Counsel Profile: Darcy Manning

By June D. Bell |

Darcy Manning was hired in 2006 as DHC USA's first in-house attorney, and she remains its sole legal counsel.

Travis Torrence.

In-House Counsel Profile: Travis Torrence

By June D. Bell |

Travis Torrence, Jiffy Lube's only in-house lawyer, coordinates legal services for the company and is a member of its leadership team.

Mark Van De Voorde.

In-House Counsel Profile: Mark Van De Voorde

By Richard Acello |

Mark Van De Voorde is the general counsel at Victaulic Co., a leading producer of mechanical pipe joining products based in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Mia Chiu.

In-House Counsel Profile: Mia Chiu

By June Bell |

Founded in 1998, Ebates is able to channel cash to its users by sharing commissions it receives from retailers for directing traffic to them. "People often think it's too good to be true," Mia Chiu said.

Damien Atkins.

In-House Counsel Profile: Damien Atkins

By June Bell |

Damien Atkins oversees nearly 70 people: the 30-attorney legal group, which has about 20 support staffers, and the public affairs team.

Scott Bojczuk.

In-House Counsel Profile: Electronic Funds Source LLC's Scott Bojczuk

By Richard Acello |

Scott Bojczuk is the general counsel at Electronic Funds Source LLC, a Nashville-based provider of fuel-purchasing cards and payment processing services for the fleet trucking industry.