In-House Counsel Profiles

Florida International University general counsel Kristina Raattama

In-House Counsel Profile: Florida International University's Kristina Raattama

By Richard Acello |

"Be a life-long learner. Take every opportunity that you get to understand the operations of the place and the industry you're in."

Paul Mamalian, General Counsel for HMSHost Corp. HANDOUT.

In-House Counsel Profile: HMSHost Corp.'s Paul Mamalian

By Ginny LaRoe |

"Having lived through a war gave me a pretty good perspective on what is truly a bad day versus what is a normal bad day here. I tend to handle stress pretty well."

Perry Pappous, ‎executive VP & general counsel of Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.

In-House Counsel Profile: Mitsubishi Electric U.S. Inc.'s Perry Pappous

By Richard Acello |

Pappous arrives at the office most days about 8 in the morning and leaves around 6:30 in the evening. "I always take my PC with me," he said, "for 10-12 hours a day wherever I am."

Chris Knopik, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel for the Laser Spine Institute.

In-House Counsel Profile: Laser Spine Institute LLC's Chris Knopik

By Richard Acello |

"I am a working kind of guy."

Keven Lippert, general counsel of ViaSat Inc.

In-House Counsel Profile: ViaSat Inc.'s Keven Lippert

By Richard Acello |

"The key thing is to understand the business and the industry you're in — that's how you show your value."

Ken Carson, chief people officer and general counsel of Cengage Learning.

In-House Counsel Profile: Cengage Learning's Ken Carson

By Richard Acello |

Cengage Learning is an educational publisher transitioning from a traditional publisher of textbooks to digital content. General Counsel Ken Carson said that this year will be the first time digital revenue will surpass print revenue.

Ilya Braz, general counsel of GFI Capital.

In-House Counsel Profile: GFI Capital Resources Group Inc.'s Ilya Braz

By Richard Acello |

"I like deal closings."

James J. Merkins, Jr., general counsel of Ray Angelini, Inc.

In-House Counsel Profile: Ray Angelini Inc.'s James Merkins

By Richard Acello |

"I had a lunch meeting with Ray Angelini, pitching him for litigation work, and it turned into a job offer."

Amy Guzzy, general counsel and director of legal services at Love's Travel Stops & Country Stores, Inc.

In-House Counsel Profile: Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores Inc.'s Amy Guzzy

By June D. Bell |

"We try to keep things in-house as much as possible."

Brian Eftink, Vice President of Legal at Wacker Chemical Corporation.

In-House Counsel Profile: Wacker Chemical Corp.'s Brian Eftink

By June D. Bell |

"I feel a lot of times like I'm playing the role of arbitrator or judge."

Michael Newman of Tuoro College.

In-House Counsel Profile: Touro College and University System's Michael Newman

By Richard Acello |

"My day doesn't end at 6."

Holly Greer, chief legal officer of CNL Financial Group, Inc.

In-House Counsel Profile: CNL Financial Group Inc.'s Holly Greer

By Richard Acello |

"In the sixth grade I was the prosecutor in a 'mock trial' and from that point on I was determined to be a attorney."

Ian Graham, senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary of BAE Systems, Inc.

In-House Counsel Profile: BAE Systems Inc.'s Ian Graham

By Richard Acello |

"I love what we do; we protect those who protect us."

Andrew Spainhour, general counsel of Replacements Ltd.  Photo by Sara D. Davis/Replacements Ltd. (HANDOUT - OK TO USE).

In-House Counsel Profile: Replacements Ltd.'s Andrew Spainhour

By Richard Acello |

"I'm very happy when I can help people avoid or resolve a problem or achieve something we want in a way that's appropriate."

Peter Wexler, SVP and general counsel of Schneider Electric.

In-House Counsel Profile: Schneider Electric S.A.'s Peter Wexler

By Richard Acello |

"I like the business side of things; I'm not a big fan of the external advisory role."

Jay Zynczak, general cCounsel of Goal Zero.

In-House Counsel Profile: Goal Zero LLC's Jay Zynczak

By June D. Bell |

"When you're at a small company with 50 or 100 employees that is growing, and you have the opportunity to move the needle, it's exciting."