In-House Counsel Profiles

Ralph Martin of Northeastern University.

In-House Counsel Profile: Northeastern University's Ralph Martin

By Richard Acello |

"The best general counsels serve multiple purposes."

Mike Brizel.

In-House Counsel Profile: FreshDirect LLC's Mike Brizel

By June D. Bell |

"Few days ever go as planned."

Odalys Perez Dines.

In-House Counsel Profile: Mitsui Foods Inc.'s Odalys Perez Dines

Dines is a one-woman legal department at Mitsui, where she is in charge of handling both legal and compliance matters.

Leslie Kirk, general counsel of Siebert Brandford Shank.

In-House Counsel Profile: Siebert Brandford Shank & Co. LLC's Leslie Carey Kirk

By Richard Acello |

Leslie Carey Kirk is general counsel at New York-based Siebert Brandford Shank & Co. LLC, the largest Latino, black and woman-owned municipal-bond firm on Wall Street.

Mariellen Dugan.

In-House Counsel Profile: New Jersey Resources Corp.'s Mariellen Dugan

By Richard Acello |

"I want litigation counsel that is lean and mean and looking to get to the end game as quickly as possible."

Dana Wagner, general counsel of Square Inc.  .

In-House Counsel Profile: Square Inc.'s Dana Wagner

By Ginny LaRoe |

Dana Wagner, Square Inc.'s first general counsel, oversees legal, government relations, compliance and trust and safety, which numbers around 100 people, including lawyers.

AdvoCare International Inc. general counsel Allison Levy.

In-House Counsel Profile: AdvoCare International L.P.'s Allison Levy

By Richard Acello |

"To me, the most important attribute is the ability to get along with others, a customer service-oriented attitude and a good work ethic."

MetTel general counsel Joseph Farano.

In-House Counsel Profile: Manhattan Telecommun­ications Corp.'s Joseph Farano

By Richard Acello |

"It's fun being a part of the enterprise and helping the business grow, as opposed to just dispensing legal advice."

Douglas Solomon.

In-House Counsel Profile: NetSuite Inc.'s Doug Solomon

By June D. Bell |

"You need to figure out what a law means in a new context."

Alon Rotem, general counsel of Rocket Lawyer.

In-House Counsel Profile: Rocket Lawyer Inc.'s Alon Rotem

By Richard Acello |

Alon Rotem is the general counsel to San Francisco-based Rocket Lawyer Inc., a cloud-based legal services platform that provides products in a variety of legal areas.

Debbie Hoffman of Digital Risk LLC.

In-House Counsel Profile: Digital Risk LLC's Debbie Hoffman

By Richard Acello |

Debbie Hoffman is the ­general counsel at Digital Risk LLC, an Maitland, Florida-based provider of outsourced residential mortgage and financial services for large banks and government-sponsored entities such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Michael Parini, director of litigation for Pfizer.

In-House Counsel Profile: Pfizer Inc.'s Michael Parini

By Ginny LaRoe |

Michael Parini oversees Pfizer's litigation around the world along with the company's corporate insurance group.

Omar Jabbour of Astound Commerce.

In-House Counsel Profile: Astound Commerce Corp.'s Omar Jabbour

By June D. Bell |

"I reward effort and success equally."

Steven Scheinthal, executive vice president and general counsel of Landry’s Inc.

In-House Counsel Profile: Landry's Inc.'s Steven Scheinthal

By Richard Acello |

"I like being associated with a company that has assets that are so recognizable by the consuming public. There's not anybody I meet who doesn't know who we are."

Suzannah Childers, Legal Counsel at Attunity Ltd.

In-House Counsel Profile: Attunity Ltd.'s Suzannah Childers

By Richard Acello |

"Anyone who is thinking that they might want to go in house, should try to intern with a legal department of a company, that's the best thing I could have done."

Andrew Tavi, vice president of legal and government affairs, and secretary and general counsel, at Nissan North America.

In-House Counsel Profile: Nissan North America Inc.'s Andrew Tavi

By Richard Acello |

"We are the definition of a ­global company, so we're on a 24-hour cycle."

Amy Wan, general counsel of Patch of Land.

In-House Counsel Profile: Patch of Land Inc.'s Amy Wan

By Richard Acello |

"I love working with the people here. They're ambitious and some of the smartest people I've ever met — and I love the fact that I get to help build the company from scratch."

Larry Thompson.

In-House Counsel Profile: The Depository Trust & Clearing Corp.'s Larry Thompson

By Richard Acello |

"You learn many skill sets, and it's constantly challenging."