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  • 5 Secrets to Extracting ROI from Experts

    Expert witnesses can be crucially valuable to your case or they can do more harm than good. Learn 5 secrets to extracting the best return on investment from experts.

    Expert witnesses. Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them. Plenty of attorneys’ biggest problems are with experts, not the facts of the case. A quality expert on the right case, handled with a strategic approach, can deliver more value than their expenses.

    Take your expert witness strategy to the next level and start minimizing the hours invested to ensure experts become seamless contributors to your case strategy.

    In this white paper, you’ll learn:

    • How to better determine what type of expertise is needed on a case
    • Coveted qualities of the most effective experts
    • Best practices for calculating expert fees to create ROI
    • Tips for handling the expenses associated with experts
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  • LegalWeek -- LegalSmallFirm Section

    Short videos from LegalWeek: Hear from legal industry experts on challenges faced in small firms and what successful firms are doing differently.

    Whether you're a small law firm or solo practitioner, it is becoming increasingly important to provide seamless engagement with your clients.

    During LegalWeek New York, a panel of experts discussed findings from the State of U.S. Small Law Study with a focus on the pain points of solo and small firms in today’s legal market.  Watch the videos and see if these challenges are similar in your firm and, learn what successful firms are doing to address these challenges.  

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  • Mobile in Practice: Benefits of a Virtual Law Firm

    Learn how a secure, virtual strategy can help solo and small firms meet client demands and better manage their business.

    Virtual law firms are becoming more prevalent, thanks to the use of more cloud-based storage and less paper storage. A secure virtual environment can offer specific advantages to businesses, especially law firms.

    While some attorneys are suspicious about working in “the cloud,” it might surprise them that they are already there. Anyone who sends documents through email or uses some of the more popular word-processing apps on a tablet computer is likely using the cloud.

    Download this whitepaper to learn how you can leverage the advantages of a virtual law firm.

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  • Matter Management Checklist

    A 2014 study showed that 75% of law firms that focused on administrative process efficiency saw increases in both revenue and profit. Want to see the same success? Start by downloading this checklist.

    Administrative tasks can easily take up to 40% of a law firm’s day – this drastically cuts into profitability.  Streamline the management of your firm so you can get back to what you do best – serving your clients.

    This checklist provides a practical approach to better matter management with easy to follow steps for every stage:

    -  The outset of your matter, like client intake, accounting, know-how, and project management,

    -  Throughout the matter as it relates to document management, research and drafting,

    - And the matter wrap-up through determining bottom-line measurements and matter profitability.

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  • Thriving in a Changed World

    The legal profession is changing. Can project management tools turn big obstacles into sustainable success? Learn how to tailor your technology to set your firm up for success.

    Technology, the law, and client needs have evolved and small law firms are feeling the pressure.  Attorneys are realizing that traditional strategies in the practice of law and the business of law no longer apply.

    Are you prepared to respond to your clients needs and exceed their expectations?

    What if you could satisfy clients without sacrificing quality or your profit margin?

    This white paper delves into these questions and more.  Find out what tools are available and how to leverage them to stay competitive in a changing legal world.



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