Special Reports

The 2016 Midsize Hot List

The 20 firms we highlight this week have held their own, often against much larger firms, charting winning courses in high-stakes matters that led to key victories in 2015.

In Focus: The Mental Health of Law Students

In our report about mental health on law campuses, we examine why law school exacerbates problems with depression, anxiety and substance abuse — and what administrators and fellow students can do to help.

Special Report: Energy Regulation, Bankruptcies and More

Energy Regulation; 5th Circuit Decision Affects Rights to Sue; Energy Bankruptcies

Top Verdicts 2015: Millions, Not Billions

For the first time in eight years, there were no verdicts worth $1 billion or more in a year’s span.

Under the L&E Microscope: Political Talk, Independent Contractors and Work Wellness Programs

In an election year, political talk in the workplace is inevitable, but certain speech about the 2016 race could present particular issues. We consider this topic and others in this special section.

President Barack Obama announces the nomination of Chief Judge Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court on March 16, 2016.

Inside Chambers: Merrick Garland and His 75 Law Clerks

The NLJ over several weeks spoke with more than 40 of Garland’s former law clerks about life in his chambers. And we crunched numbers on all former and current Garland clerks, looking at where the 75 lawyers attended law school and where they’ve worked since.

Brands and Biosimilars, Here and Abroad

Big deals abound in Big Pharma, and with them comes an array of antitrust implications that attorneys are grappling with.

Chief Judge Merrick Garland, of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, enters the Rose Garden, moments before President Barack Obama announces his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. March 16, 2016.

Supreme Court Showdown: The Nomination of Merrick Garland

"I chose a serious man and exemplary judge, Merrick Garland," President Obama said from the Rose Garden on March 16. Find the NLJ's continuing coverage here.

Deep Benches, High Stakes:
The 2016 Plaintiffs' Hot List

The NLJ shines a spotlight on 12 firms that scored big recoveries for plaintiffs in 2015 and early 2016.

GTLS bug

The 2016 Go-To Law Schools

Our report on the U.S. law schools supplying the most associates to the nation’s largest law firms.

FCPA and Anti-Money Laundering: Navigating New Enforcement Landscape

The U.S. Department of Justice remains committed to enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act—despite a sharp drop last year in the number of cases—and increasingly to the Bank Secrecy Act, with a focus on anti-money laundering compliance.

Windy City's Winning In-House Teams

These teams of attorneys based in the Windy City show how to successfully meet the changing legal demands made on departments.

Small Size, Big Cases: The 2016 Litigation Boutiques Hot List

This week, we spotlight 10 litigation boutiques with up to 50 lawyers who enjoyed stand-out accomplishments in 2015.

Challenges Ahead — and Adapting for Success — in IP Law

It's an era of growing pains for patent law. Legislators and the courts are grappling with parties sparring for rights amid rapidly evolving technology. However, in the case of at least one firm, there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Raising the Bar: The 2016 Pro Bono Hot List

“Faster, higher, stronger,” may be the Olympic creed, but it could also serve as the battle cry of the law firms on our 2016 Pro Bono Hotlist.

Practice Makes Perfect in SoCal

The National Law Journal spotlights 15 law firms practicing from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and other cities in the region that demonstrate excellence in practice areas critical to the Southern California economy and legal community.

Electronic Discovery: Ethics and Interdependence in an Ever-Changing Field

Electronic-discovery laws are changing faster than you can boot up your computer, and establishing ethical and legal boundaries when data moves across the planet has grown even more complicated with government surveillance.

The 2015 Appellate Hot List: Winning Big Cases, Changing the Law

The 20 firms on these pages represent appellate advocacy at its strongest.

Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building.

Financial Disclosures: Judges' Trips Reflect Gray Area in Ethics Rules

Judicial ethics rules encourage judges to get out and mingle with the bar and the public. At the same time, those rules place restrictions on judges' relationships off the bench to minimize conflicts of interest—real or perceived.

New Business Models in the Age of the Independent Contractor

The "gig economy," or use of mobile apps and similar technology to meet consumer demand, is fueling lawsuits by workers challenging their "independent-contractor" status. We review the developing law in this special section.

Banking and Finance: What Changes in the Law Mean for Executives and Lenders

We consider whether the U.S. Department of Justice's white-collar crime plan to focus on individual responsibility for corporate wrongdoing will quash the billion-dollar civil settlements the government has been negotiating with companies. Plus more in this special report.

Top Litigators Share Winning Strategies

"I just show up in court and wing it," said no Winning Litigator—ever. But the lawyers in our special report bring more to the table than just meticulous preparation.

Top Teams in the Golden State: Southern California Legal Departments of the Year

In this week's issue, we spotlight corporate counsel teams working in what's arguably the most beautiful region of the country, Southern California.

Hack Attacks and Liability:
The Evolving Law on Cybersecurity

Devious minds are devising ways to purloin private data and are figuring out how to best use it to their financial and, in some cases, political advantage. Here are some ways to keep at least a step or two ahead of the hackers.

Energy: IP Rights, Carbon Emissions, and Scandal in South America

We're witnessing uneasy times in the energy sector.

Law Schools Special Report:
Staying Sane, Before and After Graduation

This week, we present a "how-to" for students and for lawyers starting their careers.

The Hill Hot List

The NLJ profiles seven attorneys, immersed in weighty matters on Capitol Hill, who are helping to shape significant legislation and policy.

It's a Small IP World After All

It's a shrinking IP world out there, from the potential for patent trolls to make headway into Europe to a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that has drawn a sharper line between infringement and invalidity.

The 2015 Midwest Report: Optimism in the Heartland

Litigation and energy work may be lagging, but overall there's positive news in the Midwest.

labor employment 2015

Labor & Employment: Bullies in the Workplace

It's a complicated workplace dynamic out there, with companies looking to do more with less. That push creates pressure, where the short-tempered can venture into bullying territory.

The 2015 Legal Times 150 and D.C. 25

A by-the-numbers look at law firm head count and revenue in the D.C. area.

Innovations and Blurred Lines: Catching Up with E-Discovery

Is a mobile electronic culture — including those handy smartphones and tablets — consistent with corporate data security and electronic-discovery obligations? The legal profession is still finding out.

The NLJ 350 Regional Report

The National Law Journal’s Regional Report takes the head counts from our NLJ 350 survey and analyzes the data by city, state and country. We’ve included the numbers of attorneys in the largest U.S. and foreign markets, plus head counts for every branch office from every law firm included on the list.

The 2015 NLJ 350

Our latest NLJ 350 survey shows that the number of attorneys at the nation’s largest law firms crept up by a meager 0.6 percent in 2014. That’s a marked contrast to last year’s 3.9 percent increase.