Special Reports


Top Verdicts of 2014: Tobacco Is Back

Six of the nation's largest verdicts last year came from Florida juries to smokers and their families. But one topped them all.

Go To Law Schools

Columbia Again Tops The Go-To Law Schools

Our report on the law schools that supply the largest numbers of associates to the country's largest firms.

Regulatory Compliance

This week The National Law Journal focuses on the changes afoot at the Food and Drug Administration.


Twin Cities Legal Departments of the Year

The National Law Journal spotlights leading in-house legal departments of companies based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region.

Seattle Legal Departments of the Year

These Seattle in-house legal departments are setting the standards for ­outside-counsel management, corporate compliance, diversity in the ­profession, pro bono work and handling of big deals and litigation.

Billing Rates Rise, Discounts Abound

By Katelyn Polantz |

The price of a billable hour has risen by more than 10 percent in four years, as large corporate law firms focused on their most expensive work and saved clients' money elsewhere.

Pro Bono Hot List

Ten law firms that made exemplary contributions in providing access to justice.

NLJ Special Reports: Highlights of 2014

By Mike Scarcella |

The go-to law schools. The NLJ 350. A three-part series on judicial transparency. Our inaugural Elite Trial Lawyers list honoring 50 firms that helped clients win billions of dollars in awards. What follows are highlights from the NLJ's special reports of 2014.


The 2014 Appellate Hot List

We've identified 20 firms with outstanding achievements before the U.S. Supreme Court, federal circuit courts and state courts of last resort.

Current Issues in Labor & Employment Law

The economy and technology are changing, and with them the laws governing the workplace. This week, we examine a few of the trends, including an important decision limiting use of telecommuting as a disability accommodation; rulings holding employers liable when third parties, including vendors and customers, create hostile work environments; the downside of mandatory arbitration; and, online, California's new sick-day law.

Winning 2014

Victories Against the Odds

The National Law Journal presents five lawyers and their teams who faced tough odds at trial and prevailed by using creative litigation strategies, sharp trial techniques and plenty of legal brainpower.

Who Represents Corporate America

Who Represents Corporate America

Our annual survey of the firms that work for the country's largest corporations.

Carolinas In-House Legal Departments of the Year

The National Law Journal recognizes leading in-house legal departments in North Carolina and South Carolina.


Inside Washington: Our Annual Report on D.C. Law Offices

Despite Congressional gridlock on a number of critical national issues, legal work that grows from government relations and federal regulation continues to spell opportunity for lobbyists and lawyers.


Last year marked the biggest headcount gains for lawyers at the nation's 350 largest firms since 2009 — the year firms slashed their ranks in response to the recession.

IPHL 2014

The 2014 IP Hot List: Life on the Cutting Edge

The NLJ received dozens of nominations for our annual list of the hottest IP firms, and many of our chosen 20 rank among the most venerable in the country.

midsize bug

The 2014 Midsize Hot List

The National Law Journal spotlights 20 law firms from across the country that are succeeding at a time when many of their bigger competitors are struggling amid high headcounts and overhead.

Top L-R: Seth Waxman, Karen Gaunt, Scott Shean<br />Bottom L-R: Charles Mullaney, Matthew Reilly, Kent Baldauf, Kathy Patrick

Counsel to Counsel

By Lisa Hoffman |

Seven general counsel describe the pivotal contributions made by the outside counsel they recruited for their blockbuster litigation wins and deals.

Legal Education's Diversity Deficit

National minority enrollment has made only modest gains in the last decade.

Washington bug

Washington In-House Legal Departments of the Year

The National Law Journal spotlights D.C. in-house legal teams that are ahead of the pace in outside counsel management, corporate compliance, diversity in the profession, pro bono service and in handling really big deals.

Alternative Energy bug

Alternative Energy: A Special Report

While everyone was getting excited about hydraulic fracking, alternative-energy development got hot again. In this special report, we examine two vehicles being used to finance smart energy developments.

Banning the Box: Tread Lightly When Conducting Background Checks

The trend toward prison and criminal sentencing reform has implications for employers, as states and local ­governments begin to restrict the use of criminal background checks in hiring.

Colorado In-House Legal Departments of the Year

The National Law Journal spotlights Colorado in-house legal teams that are setting standards in outside counsel management, corporate compliance, diversity in the profession, pro bono service and in handling really big deals.

Compliance: A Special Report

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is undertaking a major review of the disclosure requirements for public companies, opening an opportunity to home in on material information of true value to investors.

The Fracas Over Fracking

As energy companies push to expand extraction of oil and natural gas through hydraulic fracturing, we consider some of the legal angles in this special section.