Special Reports

NLJ's Inaugural Monthly Issue: The Fog of Regulatory War

We open our inaugural monthly edition by beginning to map the new federal regulatory landscape under President Donald Trump. It's a task complicated by political disruption, new leaders and teams, an unpredictable Congress and, at press time, Judge Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hanging in the balance.

The 2017 Pro Bono Hot List

In the past year, lawyers fought for the disabled, voting rights and women's health. They volunteered their services for those who bravely serve our country. They helped connect the community and law enforcement in Chicago and San Francisco, advocated for Texas foster children and worked to improve health care in South Dakota. These are their stories.

Big Pharma in the Age of Trump

With a new administration in the White House, Big Pharma is on the cusp of increased focus on issues including industry pricing and the opioid epidemic. Plus more in this week's special report.

FCPA & Anti-Money Laundering:
A Special Report

The latest developments involving gaming, DOJ self-disclosure, and shared customer identity.

The 2016 Appellate Hot List

When the stakes were high, the 20 law firms featured in this year's special report delivered, winning big in federal and state appeals courts across the country.

The 2016 Elite Trial Lawyers

Welcome to The National Law Journal's third annual Elite Trial Lawyers report, in which we highlight 35 law firms that did some of the most creative and significant work on the plaintiffs side over the past three to five years.

Winning Litigators: High Stakes, Significant Victories

The lawyers in our 2016 special report all have something in common — they score big wins in court. But how do these battle-tested litigators make their clients happy?

Labor & Employment: Pay Equity, Franchises and Discrimination

Worried about whether your pay practices meet federal pay-equity standards? You should be. Plus more in this week's special section.

Law Schools: Tackling Timely Issues of Race and Class

In law schools across the U.S., professors are discussing current events and social justice movements in their courses. The idea? To demonstrate how race and class intersect with law.

Compliance: The Complexities of Cooperation

In our special report, our contributors take a look at how chief compliance officers can implement effective programs and lessen the risk of prosecution

NLJ 500: A Robust Portrait of Big Law

This year, we introduce the biggest-ever expansion of our annual NLJ 350 report—launched in 1978 with a ranking of 200 firms—to provide a more robust portrait of Big Law in the U.S.

The 2016 IP Hot List

We recognize 15 law firms that set the bar in intellectual property law in 2015, scoring big wins for clients.

The SEC: Challenges, Clawbacks, and the Constitution

Litigators who focus on securities enforcement and appellate law take the pulse of the courts this week on significant trends involving the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The 2016 Midsize Hot List

The 20 firms we highlight this week have held their own, often against much larger firms, charting winning courses in high-stakes matters that led to key victories in 2015.

In Focus: The Mental Health of Law Students

In our report about mental health on law campuses, we examine why law school exacerbates problems with depression, anxiety and substance abuse — and what administrators and fellow students can do to help.

Special Report: Energy Regulation, Bankruptcies and More

Energy Regulation; 5th Circuit Decision Affects Rights to Sue; Energy Bankruptcies