Religious Land Use Appeal Looks to 'Hobby Lobby'

A federal appeals court on Monday will hear arguments for the first time on how to apply recent U.S. Supreme Court precedent to a federal statute that protects religious groups from unconstitutionally restrictive land-use regulations.

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  • FTC Report on ‘Internet of Things’ Triggers Strong Dissent

    By Jenna Greene

    Recommending specific steps to enhance consumer privacy and data security, the Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday issued a report on the “Internet of Things"—and sparked a biting dissent from Republican Commissioner Joshua Wright.

  • Administrative Law Judges As Poultry Processing Workers

    By Jenna Greene

    Comparing Social Security administrative law judges to "a worker on a poultry processing assembly line," a federal appeals court panel on Friday said overworked ALJs have no viable grievance under the Administrative Procedure Act.

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