How's This for Higher Education?

Vanderbilt University Law School will offer a marijuana law and policy seminar next semester. It is one of a growing number of law school classes focused on marijuana.

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  • Lawyers See Business Opportunity in Obama's Cuba Opening

    By Andrew Ramonas and Katelyn Polantz

    The U.S. business community is largely divided on the benefits of rapprochement between the United States and Cuba, with industries including cigar retailers hesitant to embrace President Barack Obama’s diplomatic opening.

  • Is It Time to Regulate the 'Sharing Economy'?

    By Andrew Ramonas

    David Hantman, the chief lobbyist for home-rental business Airbnb Inc., on Monday cautioned government regulators against imposing new rules on members of the so-called "sharing economy" without conclusive data that justifies the regulations.

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Supreme Court Brief

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  • Asset Seizures Gone Wrong

    By Jenna Greene

    In 2014, the FTC won asset freezes coupled with temporary restraining orders in 29 cases naming 145 companies and 82 individuals, a 45 percent increase from 2013, according to an analysis by The National Law Journal.

  • Government Asks Court to Toss Chrysler Dealerships Suit

    By Lalita Clozel

    The U.S. government has moved to dismiss a suit from 18 former Chrysler dealerships that lost their contracts with the automaker during its bankruptcy proceeding in 2009.

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