Dismissal of Fraud Claims Against Law Schools Affirmed

Graduates of Chicago law schools who claimed administrators duped them with exaggerated job-placement statistics have found no relief from an Illinois appeals court.

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  • Texas Roadhouse Inc. Sues EEOC Over 'Unprovoked Attack'

    By Jenna Greene

    Restaurant chain Texas Roadhouse Inc. on Tuesday sued the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Kentucky federal court, demanding information about the origins of the agency’s age discrimination suit against it. In the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, Texas Roadhouse wants to know what triggered the EEOC’s “unprovoked attack” against the company.

  • Media Companies Balk at Giving Sensitive Docs to FCC

    By Jenna Greene

    Eight media companies unwillingly dragged into the Federal Communications Commission’s pending review of the Comcast Corp./Time Warner Cable Inc. merger don’t want to give the agency custody of highly sensitive documents.

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