Forum Shopper's Revenge: Chevron's Discovery Campaign

Hit by a historic judgment in Ecuador, Chevron used cloak and dagger to expose a historic fraud. Michael D. Goldhaber of NLJ affiliate The American lawyer has written about the case in "Crude Awakening," a book available on Kindle Single. Here are excerpts from his account.

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  • New SEC Rules Crack Down on Credit-Rating Agencies

    By Jenna Greene

    A divided U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday adopted new rules for credit-rating agencies, stepping up review and disclosure requirements and adding safeguards to prevent sales and marketing considerations from influencing the ratings.

  • CFPB Fines Auto Lender $2.75M for Credit Reporting Errors

    By Jenna Greene

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Wednesday fined an auto lender $2.75 million for providing inaccurate information about borrowers to credit-reporting agencies.

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