First in Their Families

Cornelius Range began First Generation Profession­als, a support group for first-generation students like himself, at Columbia Law School. A growing number of law schools offer programs designed to help students whose parents lack college degrees.

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  • A 12,500-Word Limit is Too Brief For Some Appellate Lawyers

    By Zoe Tillman

    Lawyers often push for as much time as they can get to argue an appeal. When the red light flashes, signaling time is up, some lawyers keep going — until a judge tells them to stop. So it's probably no surprise that a proposal to cut the number of words that lawyers get to make their case in court briefs drew strong reactions.

  • Wiley Rein Cuts 18 Partners, 30 Staff Members Amid Restructuring UPDATED

    By Katelyn Polantz

    Lawyers and staff of Wiley Rein felt an internal reorganization this week like nothing they had experienced before, as the Washington-based firm announced the layoffs of nearly 50 employees. "We've never had anything like this in the firm's 32-year history," spokeswoman Patricia O'Connell said Friday.

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  • 'Trolls Never Actually Go Away,' GC Tells Congress

    By Jenna Greene

    "We would rather pay real dollars in high defense costs than give a dime to abusive patent trolls," Overstock general counsel Mark Griffin told members of a House subcommittee. "In the short run, it is cheaper and less risky to pay the troll to go away. But the trolls never actually go away."

  • Company 'Wellness' Programs Get Check Up From EEOC

    By Jenna Greene

    Under fire for a series of suits that challenge company wellness programs, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Friday voted to move forward with regulations that would clarify how such programs can comply with both the Affordable Care Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act.

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