ABA To Debate Attorney Mental Health Disclosure

The debate over how much bar applicants should be required to reveal about their mental health will take center stage next week, when the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates weighs a resolution urging attorney licensing bodies to eliminate questions about a candidate’s mental health history during the character-and-fitness review process.

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  • Venable Not Liable for Alleged 'Puffery' by Firm Lawyers

    By Zoe Tillman

    A federal judge in Washington this week dismissed negligence claims against Venable, finding that supposed "puffery" by firm attorneys about what they could achieve for a former client wasn't enough to support the allegations.

  • Ex-Prosecutor Loses Fight Against Reporter Over Leak Source

    By Happy Carlock

    A federal appeals court on Friday sided with a former Detroit Free Press reporter who refused to testify about his source or sources for an article about a federal prosecutor who faced an ethics investigation. A three-judge panel for the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit upheld David Ashenfelter's Fifth Amendment privilege not to reveal the source of information in the article for fear of potential prosecution.

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  • Takata Executive 'Deeply Sorry' for Air Bag Defects

    By Mike Sacks

    A senior executive from Takata Corp. appeared before the Senate Commerce Committee on Tuesday to update lawmakers on the recall of nearly 34 million vehicles installed with the company's air bags.

  • Trade Agency Weighs Banning Import of Nokia Phones

    By Jenna Greene

    Four technology companies tell the U.S. International Trade Commission that banning the importation of some Nokia phones could harm the public interest. A coalition of research and development companies and a U.S. senator took the opposite tack, urging the agency to protect patent rights.

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