Practitioner's Guide to Reorganized Supreme Court Clerk’s Office

A year after taking over as clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court, Scott Harris is putting his stamp on the office with a major reorganization—including elimination of the historic position of chief deputy clerk.


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Briefs & Arguments

  • Florida Bar Asks Justices to Rule on Judicial Campaigns

    By Marcia Coyle

    As judicial elections heat up around the country with record fundraising efforts, The Florida Bar has taken the unusual step of urging, instead of opposing, U.S. Supreme Court review of a state ethics rule prohibiting judicial candidates from personally soliciting contributions.

  • The Roberts Court Gets Intellectual (Property)

    By Steffen N. Johnson

    This year brought an unusually active U.S. Supreme Court term for the law of intellectual property. The court heard ten IP cases—six patent, two copyright, and two Lanham Act—more than in any term since 1946.

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  • 'Alice Corp.' Is Already Making its Mark on Patent Law

    By Tony Mauro

    Less than a month after the Supreme Court issued its much-debated Alice Corp. ruling on patent eligibility for abstract ideas, the decision is already making a mark on patent litigation and claims.

  • Supreme Court Limits, But Doesn't End Union Fees

    By Tony Mauro

    The ability of public employee unions to charge non-members for their share of the costs of collective bargaining remains intact after a U.S. Supreme Court decision Monday that labor leaders feared would be a "kill shot" for their movement.

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