A New Type of Amicus Brief: No Clients, No Side Taken

A little-noticed brief in a case before the U.S. Supreme Court this fall may launch a new genre of friend-of-the-court filings: written by a law firm on behalf of no client—not even law professors—and in support of neither side.


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Briefs & Arguments

  • Justices Asked to Rule on Judicial Campaign Fundraising

    By Marcia Coyle

    As the amount of money in judicial elections skyrockets across the nation, a major barrier to the candidates themselves directly soliciting the funds is under constitutional attack in the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • Justices Asked to Revive N.C.'s 'Choose Life' Tags

    By Jimmy Hoover

    North Carolina state legislators want the U.S. Supreme Court to review a February appeals court decision that blocked the state from issuing a "Choose Life" specialty license plate without offering drivers a pro-choice alternative.

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  • 'Alice Corp.' Is Already Making its Mark on Patent Law

    By Tony Mauro

    Less than a month after the Supreme Court issued its much-debated Alice Corp. ruling on patent eligibility for abstract ideas, the decision is already making a mark on patent litigation and claims.

  • Supreme Court Limits, But Doesn't End Union Fees

    By Tony Mauro

    The ability of public employee unions to charge non-members for their share of the costs of collective bargaining remains intact after a U.S. Supreme Court decision Monday that labor leaders feared would be a "kill shot" for their movement.

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