A Busy Two Weeks for Court as Adjournment Draws Nigh

Lying, streaming and phoning top the April argument docket of the U.S. Supreme Court as the justices enter the homestretch of the October 2013 term.


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Briefs & Arguments

  • Court Asked to Protect Public Worker’s Subpoenaed Speech

    By Marcia Coyle

    The Roberts Court has been lauded as one of the most protective of speech rights in modern times. But there is at least one area where that praise is less effusive: speech by public employees. The justices on April 28 will revisit that area in a public employee's claim that he was fired for giving subpoenaed testimony during the trial of a corrupt state legislator.

  • Jurisdiction Question Could Settle Hardware Dispute

    By Jamie Schuman

    For more than 15 years, assorted tribunals have been trying to figure out whether construction materials "Sealtight" and "Sealtite" are likely to "cause confusion" under the Lanham Act. Now a cert petition asks the U.S. Supreme Court to make sense of the matter.

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  • Like Justice, Like Law Clerk

    By Tony Mauro

    Today’s U.S. Supreme Court law clerks are more aligned with their bosses’ judicial ideologies, have more influence over the court’s work and are more likely to head into private practice than ever before..

  • Latest Roberts Recusal Highlights Past Legal Work at Hogan

    By Tony Mauro

    Eleven years after leaving private practice, Chief Justice John Roberts Jr. on Monday recused from a case almost certainly because of a long-ago law firm representation.

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