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  • DOL Releases Two Batches of Fiduciary-Rule FAQs

    By Melanie Waddell

    The U.S. Labor Department has issued back-to-back guidance, in the form of frequently asked questions, for advisors, investors and workers regarding the agency's fiduciary rule, which takes effect on April 10.

  • BlackRock Pays $340K Penalty Over Separation Agreements that Restricted Tipsters

    By C. Ryan Barber

    BlackRock Inc., the New York-based asset management firm, will pay $340,000 to resolve claims the company improperly used separation agreements to force employees to waive their ability to obtain any whistleblower awards. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has hit several companies in recent months for similar violations. Regulators have put companies on notice that they cannot restrict the right of an employee to recover any award for providing information to the authorities. BlackRock did not admit or deny liability.

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  • Tort Reformers Target Missouri Laws That They Claim Led to Gargantuan Verdicts

    By Amanda Bronstad

    Missouri is now the No. 1 target of tort reformers, who this month outlined the most ambitious effort in the country at dismantling laws they claim have led to gargantuan verdicts, including a trio of double-digit awards last year against Johnson & Johnson over its baby powder.

  • Supreme Court Will Choose Forum for Water-Rule Fight

    By Marcia Coyle

    The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday agreed to decide where a major challenge over an Obama administration clean-water rule should be waged—in a federal appellate court or the federal district courts. The justices agreed to hear claims from national companies, 29 states and agriculture-related groups that argued the litigation should take place in federal district courts and not in a federal appellate court.

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