Special Report: Inside Washington

Despite Congressional gridlock on a number of critical national issues, legal work that grows from government relations and federal regulation continues to spell opportunity for lobbyists and lawyers.

Special Reports

Legal Times

  • The Morning Wrap

    By Andrew Ramonas

    A round up of news from ALM-affiliated publications and around the web: The National Law Journal is out with its annual report on Washington's largest law offices, as well as the city's top-earning lobbying practices and law firms; the odds that Republicans will win the Senate are getting better; U.S. authorities are struggling to intercept the chatter they need to build cases as more suspected wrongdoers use online communications services instead of telephones; and a trial is set to start over allegations that the FBI won't provide a Salt Lake City attorney video footage he says shows a second person with Timothy McVeigh shortly before the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

  • Round 2 in the SEC’s Case Against State Street Execs

    By Jenna Greene

    In the wake of the financial crisis, government regulators have been widely criticized for failing to hold more individuals accountable, but a pending case by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission against two former executives at State Street Bank and Trust Co. shows how difficult in practice it can be to make charges stick.

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  • Oversight Committee Questions FTC Data Case

    By Jenna Greene

    The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Thursday jumped in the middle of the Federal Trade Commission’s ongoing data security trial against medical testing facility LabMD, holding a three-hour hearing that questioned whether the agency’s case is appropriate or fair.

  • Feds Sue Law Firms in Foreclosure Relief Scams

    By Jenna Greene

    Federal and state consumer protection watchdogs on Wednesday took aim at lawyers, filing more than three dozen suits targeting law firms and other entities for running illegal foreclosure relief scams.

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Surveys and Lists

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Legal Education

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Calls for Nomination

Supreme Court Brief

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  • Lawyers Settle Fight Over $62 Million In Fees

    By Amaris Elliott-Engel

    Lead lawyers in the litigation over hormone replacement therapy drugs have agreed to resolve their dispute involving $62.3 million in fees for work performed for the plaintiffs’ common benefit.

  • Plaintiffs: $9B Verdict Against Drugmakers is Fair

    By Amaris Elliott-Engel

    Plaintiffs who won $9 billion in punitive damages in the first federal bellwether trial over diabetes drug Actos said the verdict should be upheld because there is no bright-line rule that punitive damages have to be in a single-digit ratio with compensatory damages.

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