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Kagan Recounts Obama Vetting Her for 'Another Very Good Job' That Wasn't SG

Tony Mauro and Marcia Coyle

Elena Kagan was far along in the new Obama administration's vetting process for an important U.S. Justice Department job when she got a call from the White House. That job she was in line to get? Well, the White House wanted her to do something else. Kagan was asked to be the U.S. solicitor general

Ropes & Gray Lawyer Who Argued 'Obergefell' Isn't Sweating Kennedy Rumors

Marcia Coyle

Ropes & Gray's Douglas Hallward-Driemeier, who argued the historic gay marriage challenge in the Supreme Court, doesn't buy the fears that any successor to Justice Anthony Kennedy will jeopardize the "Obergefell" decision. "We now have hundreds of thousands of individuals acting in reliance on 'Ober

The Trump Justice Department's Aversion to Class Actions Will Have Wide Impact

Marcia Coyle

The recent switch by the Trump administration's U.S. Justice Department from opposing to defending bans on class actions in workplace arbitration agreements will have consequences beyond a trio of challenges the U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear this fall. The government this week, citing the high c

Justices' Broad View of 'Families' Is Tested in Trump Travel Ban

Marcia Coyle

The Trump administration may not view grandparents, aunts, uncles and others as having close enough family relationships in the United States to be excluded from the government's travel ban, but the U.S. Supreme Court on at least two occasions, in different contexts, has recognized the importance of

Justices Revive Suit Against US Agent Who Fatally Shot Mexican Teenager

Marcia Coyle

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday revived a Mexican family's attempt to hold a U.S. Border Patrol officer liable for the shooting death of their unarmed teenage son on foreign soil, and ordered reargument next term in two unrelated immigration cases. The justices, in an unsigned opinion in which thre

Mueller Bolsters Russia Teams Appellate Readiness in New Hire


Adam Jed of DOJ's Civil Division has argued in circuit courts around the country. Special Counsel Robert Mueller III added another appellate specialist to his legal team that is investigating Russia's interference with the U.S. presidential election last year.

Gorsuch, in First Dissent, Rejects Invitation to 'Tweak' Statute

Marcia Coyle

In writing his first dissent, which came in the first case he heard as a new justice, Neil Gorsuch on Friday told his colleagues what will surely be his governing mantra: "Just follow the words of the statute as written."

Mueller Bolsters Russia Team's Appellate Readiness in New Hire

Marcia Coyle

Adam Jed, a 2008 Harvard Law School graduate and former clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, has joined Special Counsel Robert Mueller III's legal team in the investigation of Russia's interference with the U.S. presidential election. At the DOJ, Jed defended the Affordable Care Ac

The Roberts Court Hasn't Reargued Many Cases. That Could Change

Marcia Coyle

The possibility that the U.S. Supreme Court will rehear a set of cases—including several immigration disputes—looms over the justices as the term moves into its final weeks.

The Next Big Political Case at the Supreme Court: 6 Key Questions

Marcia Coyle

The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday it will dive into a dispute over partisan gerrymandering next term. The outcome could have sweeping national consequences. Here's what to know.

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